Catherine Weedon
Age: Template:Adult
Fate: Deceased (emphysema or possible prescription drug failure)
Gender: Female
Friends/Family: Granddaughter: Terri Weedon
Great-granddaughter: Krystal Weedon
Great-grandson:Robbie Weedon
Home Town: Pagford

Catherine "Nana Cath" Weedon is the grandmother of Terri Weedon and the great-grandmother of Krystal Weedon and Robbie Weedon. She cared for both Terri and Krystal at various times while they were young. She eventually tired of Terri's irresposibility and "washed her hands" of her, but she was fond of Krystal.

She had a large extended family of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

When she died, some people blamed her doctor, Parminder Jawanda.