The Casual Vacancy Wiki

This is a (possibly incomplete) list of the characters in The Casual Vacancy.

Based on the UK Daily Telegraph article The Cast of Caricatures.

The Fairbrothers[]

Barry Fairbrother, town bank manager and Parish Council member whose death kick-starts the novel.

Mary Fairbrother, his wife.

Fergus, eldest son.

Niamh and Siobhan, twin daughters.

Declan, youngest son.

The Mollisons[]

Howard Mollison, owner of the local deli and self-proclaimed "first citizen of Pagford".

Shirley Mollison, his wife.

Miles Mollison, their son.

Samantha Mollison, Miles’s wife.

Lexie and Libby, Miles and Samantha’s daughters.

Patricia Mollison, Howard and Shirley’s estranged daughter.

The Jawandas[]

Parminder Jawanda, GP.

Vikram Jawanda, her husband; a heart surgeon.

Rajpal, Jaswant and Sukhvinder, their teenage children.

The Prices[]

Ruth Price, a nurse.

Simon Price, her husband.

Andrew ("Arf") and Paul, their sons.

The Walls[]

Tessa Wall, a guidance counsellor at the local school.

Colin “Cubby” Wall, her husband and deputy headmaster at the school.

Stuart “Fats” Wall, their adopted son and Pagford's resident existentialist.

The Weedons[]

Terri Weedon, a heroin addict and sometime prostitute who lives in the Fields.

Krystal Weedon, her daughter.

Robbie Weedon, her son.

Nana Cath, Terri's grandmother.


Maureen Lowe, a widow who has worked in Howard’s deli for decades, now his business partner.

Obbo, Terri's drug dealer.

Kay Bawden, a social worker.

Gaia Bawden, her daughter.

Gavin Hughes, Kay’s boyfriend.