Mattie Knox is a social worker in Pagford and Yarvil.

Personality and traitsEdit

Little is known about Mattie, apart from the fact that she has a tendency to become stressed at work, is quite disorganised and gets various clients confused, and has no children of her own.


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The first time Mattie is mentioned, it is revealed that she has been signed off sick from work due to immense levels of stress, and Kay Bawden has to take over some of her cases, including the case of the Weedons. Kay proves much more adept at assisting the Weedons in their day-to-day lives than Mattie was. After Mattie recovers, she returns to work and once again becomes the Weedons' social worker, prompting Terri to relapse into taking drugs and the family's situation to go downhill again. After the deaths of Robbie and Krystal, Mattie is signed off sick with stress again.