Robbie Weedon
Fate: Deceased (drowned)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Nursery school student
Friends/Family: Mother: Terri
Sister: Krystal
Great-grandmother: Nana Cath
Friends: None known
Home Town: Pagford

Robbie Weedon was the little brother of Krystal Weedon and child of Terri Weedon.

Personality and traitsEdit

Robbie was a little boy who idolized both his older sister and his mother. He understood little of the troubled home life of his mother and sister, but sometimes instinctively imitated some of the more outrageous behaviour the two displayed. Though he had been toilet-trained, he was sometimes still made to wear a nappy. He sometimes went hungry if his mother or sister could not care for him and the general nutrition of the food he did receive was poor. He was not known to have any friends or regular playmates.


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Largely neglected by his mother, Robbie was mostly being cared for by his big sister, Krystal. He sometimes attended nursery school, but only when either Terri or Krystal were able to take him. This duty more often fell to Krystal, due to their mother's drug-addled state.

As Krystal grew increasingly concerned about her mother's condition and about the events happening her household, she resolved to take Robbie away and raise him elsewhere. Events came to head when she was raped by Obbo, and she resolved to get pregnant so that she could have a child of her own and leave Pagford, though she was already pursuing this plan before the rape.

Unfortunately, while attempting to become pregnant by Stuart "Fats" Wall (she had lied to him by claiming to be on the contraceptive pill), she lost track of Robbie. He wandered into a river (possibly because he was thirsty), and drowned.