Samantha Mollison is the wife of Miles Mollison and the daughter-in-law of Howard and Shirley Mollison. She has two daughters named Lexie and Libby. She is the owner of 'Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders', a bra shop in Yarvil.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

Samantha is bored with her life and her husband. She frequently plays mind games with those around her to bring out reactions in the people - especially Miles. This catty attitude makes several members of the community, such as Gavin, deeply uncomfortable and scared to be in her presence.

She is displayed as being quite perceptive, especially when watching her family. Throughout the novel, she notes many occasions when Miles lies, exaggerates the truth, or makes her mad.

Samatha holds a deep grudge on the people around her, especially her overbearing in-laws. She holds a heavy resentment towards the Pagford town council and all matters relating to it. She is not happy about Miles' Council ambitions and sends Howard a nasty anonymous letter about him. She does not vote in the ensuing election.

She also is shown to be very sexually frustrated within her relationship with Miles.

Apperance Edit

Samantha is described as having dark, tanned skin. This is due to her repeatedly using fake tan to hide her sagging skin. She has a slowly-wrinkling face, which she resents, as well as a slowly-aging body.

Her breasts are commonly mentioned, especially when she is sexually aroused or in the vicinity of Fats Wall.

Relationships Edit

She wanted to travel the world with Miles, but this plan was put off when she discovered that she was pregnant with her first child. She has an obsession with Vikram Jawanda and is attracted to Jake, a twenty-one year old member of a boy band her daughter, Lexie, likes. She kisses Andrew Price at Howard's party.

In the end of the book, Samantha and Miles have a row but reconciliate. Samantha tells Miles she would like to join the Parish Council.