The Fields is a housing estate built on land that once belonged to the now-extinct Sweetlove family. The land was sold by a relative of the Sweetloves who owned Sweetlove House at the time, Old Aubrey Fawley. The Fields is known for being poor and run-down and for housing criminals and drug addicts. It is technically part of Yarvil, but is closer geographically to Pagford. Many Pagford residents resent having to pay for it, and hope that responsibility for it will be given back to Yarvil, although that would be detrimental to some of the residents (particularly the children and teenagers, who go to school in Pagford). This issue divides the Pagford Parish Council into pro-Fields and anti-Fields members.

Most of the Weedon family, including Krystal, Robbie, Terri, and Dane Tully are residents of the Fields. Barry Fairbrother and Simon Price both grew up in the Fields, though they later moved to Pagford.

Pro-fields members of the council include Barry Fairbrother and Parminder Jawanda. Howard Mollison and Miles Mollison are anti-fields.