"The other request came, at the very end of service, and this time, as he announced it, the vicar sounded resigned."
—The vicar announces the performance of "Umbrella."[src]

Umbrella was a song by Rihanna, written by The-Dream, Christopher Stewart, Kuk Harrell and Jay-Z.


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The song was performed at the funeral for Barry Fairbrother and later the funeral for Krystal Weedon.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Excerpts from the song were featured in The Casual Vacancy under license, copyright 2007 by 2082 Music Publishing (ASCAP American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), Songs of Peer Ltd. (ASCAP PRS for Music), March Ninth Music Publishing (ASCAP), Carter Boys Music (ASCAP), EMI Music Publishing Ltd. (PRS), Sony/ATV Music Publishing (PRS). All rights on behalf of March Ninth Music Publishing Controlled and Administered by Songs of Peer Ltd. (ASCAP) All rights on behalf of Carter Boys Music Controlled and Administered by EMI Music Publishing Ltd. All rights on behalf of Thaddis Harrell Controlled and Administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd.